Banandar's Protest Song
Banandar wowed the world with this popular protest tune that he not only sang at the Manchester Irish Festival, but at Princess Diana’s funeral, as well! (Note: we begged him not to, he told us to piss off.)

“Lollypop Love” by C5
From the world’s most popular boy band comes this soulful single about love, devotion and all that other bullshit that boy bands are always going on and on about.

“Take My Cherry Tonight” by C5
This song may be responsible for the recent spike in the population rate, since it’s so sextastic that when you hear it- you can’t help but get your groove on. “High Note” magazine called “Take My Cherry Tonight” one of only two songs that “instantly makes you feel like you’re in a warm hot tub, sipping fine champagne before getting it on with the lady or gentleman of your choice.” (Note: the other song is “The Gambler,” by Kenny Rogers.)

“Rotten Fruit (We’re the Rotten Fruit) by the Rotten Fruit
No band is really considered legitimate until they’ve got a song with their name in it. Now everyone’s favorite fruit rock funsters join the ranks of the proud, along with such legends as “The Monkees,” “Big Country” and “The Banana Splits!”