Say folks, do you dream of seeing and hearing the Rotten Fruit each and every time your monitor goes to sleep? Well then pinch yourself- because your dream is about to come true. Simply download these screensavers and your monitor will come alive (not literally) with Rotten Fruit pictures and audio clips!


Here’s some instructions, real quick-like:

PC Users: Right click on the screensaver file of your choice and select “save target as.” Save the file to your desktop. Go to the file and double click on it. Click “install” in the window that pops up. Your monitor’s Display Properties will open, so you can test the screen saver, change the settings, speed and all that fun stuff. Once you’re satisfied, just click “OK” (or “apply” if you’ve made any changes) and close the Display Properties window. Then click “finish” on the remaining open window and voila- your screensaver will be installed. Walk away for 5 minutes and when you come back, it’ll be like the Rotten Fruit are living inside your monitor, having cool parties that you’re sort of invited to.

Mac Users: Go to a store and buy a PC. Then follow the PC instructions. Because in case you haven’t guessed by now- these things only run on PC’s. Sorry, we’re working on coming up with Mac capable versions.